Fire Fighters blame Sirens for Hearing Damage

Thousands of US fire fighters claim to have serious hearing damage due to the sound of sirens blaring while riding on the fire truck. In many cases, the damage would be permanent.

For this reason, fire fighters from American cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston, filed a lawsuit against the company that manufactures the sirens.

Among other things, they require that the placement of the sirens be permanently adjusted. The sound should blast away from the vehicles, rather than towards it. However, the company argues this isn’t possible, because the sirens should be heard from all angles.

Of course a great solution for all fire fighters would be to wear hearing protection. Dynamic Ear Company offers various products, like for instance the Crescendo PPE 25. The unique filters in the universal earplugs reduce noise by 25dB. This makes it safe to work up to eight ours in an environment with noise levels up to 110dB, while speech and warning signals are still heard. Furthermore, the reduced noise level leads up to less tiredness.

The Crescendo filters allow air into the ear, minimising irritation and warm ears. The filters are fully washable so can be used for a long time, even while working in a dirty and smoky environment.

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