Hearing Damage Major Problem Among Classical Musicians

Hearing damage is a significant problem in the world of classical music, according to the BBC. More than a quarter of the approximately one hundred players of the Royal Opera House suffer from some hearing illness.

In the 2013/2014 season, 117 weeks of sick leave were taken because of hearing related problems. A total of seven separate cases was reported.

Renowned viola player Chris Goldscheider is even suing the Royal Opera House for ruining his hearing and career. He claims his hearing was irreversibly damaged because of brass instruments placed right behind him. The sound peaked at around 137 dB.

The Royal Opera House denies responsibility, claiming they provided Goldscheider with hearing protection reducing noise by up to 28 dB. But the viola player didn’t use the earplugs, saying he was not given enough training about how to use the product.

Using hearing protection is always a good idea. The Crescendo Drummer for instance reduces noise levels by 25 dB, which makes playing at concerts a lot safer.

The Dynamic Ear Company earplugs are very user friendly. They are reusable and are made of medical grade materials, making it possible to wear them for hours at a time without suffering from irritations.

The Pro Music filters provide a flat damping, causing a very natural sound experience.

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