About Crescendo




Crescendo is a brand name of Dynamic Ear Company BV (DEC)DEC produces a wide range of acoustic passive filter solutions for various applications suitable for both custom moulded protection and universal fit including:

  • High attenuating mid and high frequency for industrial applications
  • Flat attenuating for musicians and industry
  • Impulse filters for shooting
  • Balanced armature in ear monitors

The Crescendo products incorporate DEC filter technology  in a wide range of universal fit hearing protection solution and comfort earplugs. Comfort earplugs contain low attenuating filters that ‘take the sharp edges’ of from sound.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative hearing protection and sound management solutions Crescendo Hearing Protection is excited with initiatives to create awareness to prevent hearing impairment. Especially amongst the younger generation, hearing loss and prevention deserves a lot more attention.

Crescendo is proud to be associated with the I Love My Ears campaign. This campaign started in 2014 to create more awareness amongst visitors but also professionals such as music festival organizers, artists and sound engineers. A great amount of music locations have joined the initiative and have agreed to not let sound levels exceed above 103 db (assuming an average of 15 minutes). All associated locations can be recognized with the I Love My Ears logo and they will be offering hearing protection to the audience.

Crescendo is the only company in the world offering real flat attenuation and 100% acoustic quality control of all the acoustic filters and hearing protection we produce.

Another unique craft is the fact that we can make acoustic filters that only attenuate for 15dB, 10dB or even 5dB on average.

Our products are specifically designed for different situations. for example the MUSIC and DANCE earplugs are often used by the audience. For the music lovers and professionals we developed the Pro Series with the DJ, DRUMMER, GUITAR and WOODWIND, featuring true flat attenuation and natural sound.

Crescendo Loves Your Ears!