About Crescendo




Crescendo is a brand name of Dynamic Ear Company BV (DEC)

Whether at work or enjoying leisure activities, we are subjected to loud sounds that can cause permanent hearing damage. Dynamic Ear Company develops and manufactures innovative hearing protection and sound management solutions for leisure, industrial, music and shooting.

DEC produces a wide range of acoustic passive filter solutions for various applications suitable for both custom moulded protection and universal fit including:

  • High attenuating mid and high frequency for industrial applications
  • Flat attenuating for musicians and industry
  • Impulse filters for shooting
  • Balanced armature in ear monitors

All DEC products are interchangeable including our high performance flat attenuating filters originally designed for musicians. DEC filters are allowing users to hear everything but at a lower, safer level, unprecedented in universal fit solutions.

The Crescendo brand provides a wide range of universal fit hearing protection for all applications.

Hear better and feel great about what you hear and how you hear it………Crescendo Hearing Protection.

  • Natural – Filter technology maintains spatiality
  • EQ – Unique musicians membrane ensures that music retains the musicians sound equalization, this is only attainable with flat attenuating technology
  • Feel better – High noise levels are tiring, Crescendo reduces noise
  • Comfort – Crescendo filters allow air into the ear minimising irritation and ‘hot ear’
  • Environmental friendly – Ear tips are made of 100% organic material generating only carbon dioxide and water during incineration
  • Upgradable – The filters of your Crescendo hearing protection are replaceable and upgradable for use in custom fit ear moulds designed for Dynamic Ear Company products
  • Safety standards – hearing protection certified to CE and ANSI standards
  • Long lasting – Reusable Hearing Protection, fully washable tips and filters