Crescendo PPE 25 (Personal Protection Equipment)

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How does it sound?

Crescendo PPE 25 (Personal Protection Equipment) ear plugs is a unique industrial hearing protection solution utilising technology normally associated with expensive custom made hearing protection. Using Dynamic Ear Company’s patented filter technology that was initially designed for custom moulds, PPE 25 is able to provide uniform, or flat, attenuation resulting in reduction of sound levels equally over all frequencies, contributing to natural sound and clearer speech. This makes working in noisy conditions safer as speech and warning signals are still heard.

Developed for industrial, construction and other loud noise environments PPE 25 provides the ultimate universal fit hearing protection experience. Crescendo PPE 25 reduces sound levels by 25dB making it safe for up to 8 hours continuous use in any environment up to 110dB.

Crescendo PPE 25 is a universal fit hearing protection solution that ensures accurate reproduction of environmental sound but at safe levels. While other hearing protection like foam ear plugs and earmuffs will sound muffled and unnatural, the PPE 25 patented filter technology attenuates all frequencies by the same amount, resulting in “flat” attenuation. With flat attenuating filter technology high frequency sounds are not masked, which is typical of foam protectors and earmuffs, allowing speech and alarms to be heard.

Safe hearing protection use requires that the correct level of attenuation be used. In many cases workers are over protected through the use of protection with attenuation that is too high for the situation. Crescendo products are available with various levels of attenuation through the use of removable, washable filters.

Crescendo PPE 25 (Personal Protection Equipment) Ear Plugs are best suited for:

• Industrial use
• Factory workers
• Construction workers • Machinists
• Miners
• Quarry workers

Benefits Crescendo Ear Plugs:

• Protected and still being able to communicate and hear the surroundings.
• Helps prevent hearing damage
• A perfect fit for everyone: 4 Eartip sizes available (M+L in package, S+XL sizes available on request).
• 100% Acoustically tested
• Natural sound and ventilation of the ear because of wide filter aperture with sound damping mesh
• Minimum occlusion


Crescendo PPE 25 Ear Plugs package contains:
• Two Large universal ear plugs
• Two Medium universal ear plugs
• S + XL universal ear plugs available on request
• Two flat attenuating acoustic filters providing 25 dB average damping, 100% acoustically tested.
• Aluminium key-ring carrying case
• Manual EN, FR, DE, IT, ES and NL

Additional information

Weight 0.032 kg
Dimensions 15.2 × 7.5 × 22.5 cm
Eartip color

Eartip size


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