One in Six Adults Suffer from Hearing Loss

One in six European adults suffer from hearing damage, according to the survey ‘Evaluation of the Social and Economic Costs of Hearing Impairment’. This is equivalent to about 71 million people. There was previously assumed this number was much lower, only one in ten Europeans.

The people in this group have a hearing loss greater then 25 dB. They suffer so much that it affects their daily lives.

The research also shows that people suffering from hearing damage are getting younger and younger. This has largely to do with listening to loud music, for instance while going out. Many young people don’t realise just how harmful this can be and that hearing damage is irreversible.

They would greatly benefit from wearing hearing protection, for example the Crescendo Dance. This product has been specially developed for listening to loud music for several hours safely.

While other hearing protection can sound muffled, the filters in the Crescendo Dance provide a natural sound and good speech intelligibility.

The earplugs are made of medical grade materials, making it comfortable to wear them for hours. The filters provide an open-air passage to the ear, keeping the ear ventilated at all times.

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