Crescendo Dance 20

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About Crescendo Dance 20:

Whether you’re into hardcore, techno, rock or old skool disco, you want maximum enjoyment without damaging your hearing.
The Crescendo Dance is a discrete hearing protector designed specifically for situations where you’ll listen to loud music for several hours.

While hearing protection with resistive tube filters can sound muffled and unnatural, the Dance filters provide full frequency, enjoyable audio reduced to safe listening levels.

Benefits Crescendo Ear Plugs:

• Enjoy music at safe listening levels
• Helps prevent hearing damage
• A perfect fit for everyone: 4 Eartip sizes available (M+L in package, S+XL sizes available on request).
• 100% Acoustically tested
• Natural sound and ventilation of the ear because of wide filter aperture with sound damping mesh
• Minimum occlusion

Developed and produced by Dynamic Ear Company, the Inventors of Ambient Hearing Protection.


Crescendo Dance 20 Ear Plugs package contains:
• Two Large universal ear plugs
• Two Medium universal ear plugs
• S + XL universal ear plugs available on request
• Two acoustic filters providing 20 dB average damping which are 100% acoustically tested.
• Aluminium key-ring carrying case
• Manual EN, FR, DE, IT, ES and NL

Additional information

Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 2.25 cm
Eartip color

Eartip size


Filter type


5 reviews for Crescendo Dance 20

  1. Caspar van Doremalen (verified owner)

    The earplugs themselves are great. They dampen the peaks in music for me, whilst retaining quality and even letting me hear my friends talk.
    However, the capsule in which the earplugs came, was added onto my Keychain with the keyring attached to the product. Whilst riding my bicycle however, apperently the vibrations made the casing come loose. Unfortunately when I came home, just the top of the casing was left on my keyring, the casing itself with the earbuds had dropped and were lost.

  2. Tjarco (verified owner)

    very comfortable in how they wear, sound quality remains very good.
    Good value for money. And when the outer plugs are worn or if you want a different colour they are very easy to replace.

  3. Erik (verified owner)

    Very good sound quality. Easy to wear. Good value for money

  4. Frank

    De Dance Ear Plugs werken zeer goed!
    Ze gaan niet irriteren en blijven het gehele event zitten. Ik vond zelf dat het geen afbraak deed aan de kwaliteit van de muziek en ik kon mijn vrienden nog steeds verstaan.
    Ook is het kokertje erg handig, omdat je hem gewoon aan je sleutelbos kan hangen. Daardoor heb je hem altijd bij!
    Ik raad deze iedereen aan!

  5. Thea Pearl (verified owner)

    Dance ear plugs are comfortable to wear, protect my hearing and are almost “invisible”. They stay in place during the wildest dance classes and have allowed me to participate in classes where the music is much too loud. Unfortunately, the music is blasted in many fitness centers. Fortunately, I use Crescendo Dance ear plugs, and can take care of my hearing and my body!!!!!

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