Music Levels during Fitness Classes Dangerously Loud

Music levels during fitness classes can reach up to 115 dB, as can be read on These noise levels can lead to serious hearing damage for participants as well as instructors.

Spinning classes prove to be the worst offenders, but classes like Zumba and Body Pump reach dangerously loud music levels as well. With the rising popularity of these classes, more and more hearing risk permanently damaging their hearing.

Sound levels higher than 80 dB are proven to be dangerous. Especially the fitness instructors, who are exposed to this noise consistently, risk hearing loss.

Dynamic Ear Company recommends always wearing hearing protection during classes of this kind. Instructors as well as participants could really benefit from wearing an earplug like the Crescendo Music.

The unique filters in the Crescendo Music provide full frequency, enjoyable sound reduced to safe listening levels. They also provide an open-air passage to the ear, keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort.

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