Protect your Ears during Carnival

Carnival 2017 is just around the corner. In a few weeks the costume parties erupt once again. There is however a downside to the festivities. Many people obtain hearing damage during Carnival.

This is mainly due to loud music during parades and in pubs. The noise often exceeds the safe standard of 85dB. If you want to fully join in the calibration of Carnival, you can’t always avoid this. Therefore DEC recommends all celebrants to always wear hearing protection.

The Crescendo Music is the ideal product. The universal earplugs are available in four sizes, of which the smallest size is very suitable for small children. The unique filters reduce noise by 20dB, making it safe to listen to music at a sound level of 105dB for up to eight hours.

This will prevent you from obtaining hearing loss or tinnitus. However, the quality of the music remains good, so you can enjoy Carnival without any restrictions.

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Crescendo Hearing Protection