Oil and Gas Industry Workers Likely to Suffer from Hearing Damage

According to recent research by a Canadian union, workers in the oil en gas industry are twice as likely to suffer from hearing damage than workers in other industries.

In the study it was revealed that over a third already has some form of hearing loss. In other industries, the average is around 15 per cent.

It also appears that not all employees even try to protect themselves. Only 27 per cent of young workers regularly wear hearing protection, even less then older workers.

Because hearing damage is often permanent and cannot be undone, it’s very important to wear hearing protection. Dynamic Ear Company offers various products for the workplace.

You could for instance try the Crescendo Heavy Industry, specially developed for industrial use. The unique filters in the universal earplugs reduce noise by 25dB. This makes it safe to work up to eight ours in an environment with noise levels up to 110dB.

The Dynamic Ear Company earplugs are made of medical grade materials. This makes it easily possible to wear them for longer periods at a time.

At the moment, more often earmuffs and foams are being used in the industries. These are much less comfortable and, moreover, result in bad speech intelligibility.

De Dynamic Ear Company filters provide a flat noise damping through which one can understand each other better, while the sound of machines is being driven to the background.

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