Hearing Loss Very Common Amongst Dutch Construction Workers

According to various Dutch news articles, the noise at construction sites is a big problem in the Netherlands. The consequences for construction workers are very serious: one in five suffers from hearing loss and 13% even suffers from ‘noise deafness’.

In 2014 almost 2500 reports of hearing damage were made at the Dutch Centre for Occupational Diseases (NCVB). More then 85% of these reports came from the construction sector.

Because of these figures, the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) is going to monitor loud noise at construction sites intensively in the last months of 2016. If noise of 85dB or higher is detected and no hearing protection is worn, the work will be stopped immediately and the employer will get a fine.

Crescendo recommends the Crescendo Industry for all construction workers. The unique filters, developed by Dynamic Ear Company, reduce sound levels by 20dB, making it safe to work for eight hours in an environment with noises up to 105dB.

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