Customer service

What Do Our Warranties Usually Cover? Our limited warranties cover defects in material or workmanship in new products. Consumers purchasing DEC and Crescendo products from authorised DEC distributors or resellers may obtain coverage under our limited warranties. Please see the limited consumer warranty that accompanied your product for the specific warranty terms that apply to your product.

How Long Does The Cover Last? Our warranty periods are 1 year or 2 years from the documented date of purchase, depending on the type of product and where it was purchased.

What Does Our Warranty Not Cover? Our warranties do not cover any problem that is caused by (a) commercial use; accident; abuse; neglect; shock; electrostatic discharge; heat or humidity beyond product specifications; improper installation; operation; maintenance or modification; or (b) any misuse contrary to the instructions in the user manual; or (c) malfunctions caused by other equipment. Our limited warranties are void if a product is returned with any alterations (including de-assembling or removal of any component or cover). Our warranties do not cover (cost related to) consequential damages and incidental damages.

What Do You Have To Do? DEC will not provide any warranty cover unless claims are made in compliance with all terms of the controlling warranty statement and the return procedure is followed properly. To request warranty service, contact an authorized DEC distributor or reseller or refer to http://crescendo- for more information regarding customer support within your jurisdiction. You also may obtain information regarding the location of and authorized service provider by calling +31(0)15 2613700 or by sending an e-mail to Once an authorised distributor, reseller or DEC determine that a repair or replacement is required, you will be asked to provide your name, address, phone number and email address you will then be provided with a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number to use when returning the product to DEC.
A product returned to DEC must be properly packaged in its original packaging (or packaging providing the product with protection equivalent to the original packaging) and sent, with the postage charges prepaid via a shipping method that provides for tracking of your package, to the address provided when you received your RMA Number.

What Will DEC Do? If DEC authorises a product to be returned to DEC or an authorised service provider, DEC will repair or replace the product without charge with a functionally equivalent replacement product. DEC may replace your product with a product that was previously used, repaired and tested to meet DEC specifications. DEC will pay to ship the replacement product to you. By sending product for replacement, ownership of the original product will be transferred to DEC. DEC warrants that repaired or replaced products are covered for the greater of either the remainder of the original product warranty or 90 days.

THE DEC RMA (RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORISATION) NUMBER ISSUED IS FOR THE RETURN OF DEC PRODUCTS ONLY. You agree not to submit any products except in conjunction with a justified warranty claim. For example, you shall not send us through this RMA process any counterfeit products, products that we previously lost through theft or otherwise, products for which warranty coverage has expired or never existed (this is usually evidenced by damaged or tampered products), products that have only defects that are not covered by warranty (for example, most of our warranty statements do not cover problems caused by commercial use, accident, abuse, neglect, shock, electrostatic discharge, heat or humidity, improper installation, operation, maintenance or modification, by other equipment or by any other misuse contrary to the instructions in the user manual). If you send us through this RMA process any products that are not covered by justified warranty claims, we may retain these products. DEC reserves its right to exercise all of its legal rights in connection with fraudulent returns.

You must pay postage charges for all shipments from you to DEC. Send your product to DEC using the carrier of your choice. Please use a method with ability to trace shipment. DEC is not responsible for shipments for which the carrier cannot provide proof of delivery.
If your product is under warranty, DEC will pay for postage of repaired/replacement products from DEC to you. DEC is not responsible for loss or damage during transit. We suggest that you purchase freight insurance on your shipments.
NO COLLECT SHIPMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED without prior authorisation from DEC. Shipments arriving at DEC with charges due are subject to being returned (unrepaired) with all charges, including return expenses, due and payable by the originator.
Your original product might NOT be returned to you.
Replacement products can be factory-repaired units.
Delivery is during normal business hours to the address you provided.
You (or proxy) must SIGN delivery document at the time of delivery.


DEC Passive Industrial Filters – 2 years
DEC Passive Music Filters – 2 years
Crescendo in-ear headphones – 2 years
Crescendo packaged products – 2 years
Crescendo accessories – 2 years

All other products – 1 year

RMA request (not for technical support), please apply to:

Dynamic Ear Company B.V.
Tel: +31 (0)15-2613700


For RMA requests please contact:
Dynamic Ear Company (DEC) offers 1 or 2 year warranty depending on product.

  1. DEC warranty terms:

Warranty period starts from the date of purchase.
Proof of purchase must be provided before an RMA number will be provided.

  1. The warranty period will be calculated in accordance with the following:

– If the end-customer provides proof of purchase ,the warranty period starts from the date of purchase by the end-customer.
– If the end-customer cannot provide receipt of purchase, but the Reseller can provide a purchasing invoice from DEC or from a distributor, then the warranty period starts from this invoice date.
– If both, the end-customer and Reseller are unable to provide proof of purchase, no warranty can be granted.

  1. Procedure for Return of defective goods (RMA):
    1. E-mail a RMA Request to
    2. The RMA number will be supplied by DEC, together with a return address.
    3. Post defective product to the return address provided
    4. Product will be inspected
    5. DEC will inform customer if product has been accepted for replacement or repair
    6. Product replacement or credit note will be provided for accepted products
    7. Return of replacement product / unaccepted products

The customer may not return a product without valid RMA number from DEC.

To obtain this number customer needs to complete the DEC RMA request form, sending it to by e-mail.

To generate an RMA number, the customer has to provide DEC with the product name or number of the defective item, the description, of the defect and the receipt, Delivery Note Number and/or the Invoice Number.
Upon receipt of above mentioned details, DEC will provide the RMA number by email.

After receipt of an RMA number the customer may send the defective goods at their own cost (or according service contract) to the address provided on the RMA number application.

RMA return address details:

Dynamic Ear Company BV

RMA xxxxx

Delftechpark 9

2628 XJ, Delft

The Netherlands

The RMA number must be attached to the shipment and be shown on external packaging. Shipments without a visible RMA number will not be accepted. The customer is responsible for the organization, shipping cost and shipping of the returned goods. Please be aware that in all cases the complete product (plugs, filters, cables etc.) has to be returned to DEC.

  1. After receiving the goods DEC will check as follows:

– Quantity check
– Product is complete
– Visual inspection
– Functional test

– Products under warranty will either be replaced (end-customers) or a credit note will be issued (Distributors).


DEC will test all warranty products, if during this test DEC discovers that a fully functional unit has been returned or the unit was damaged on purpose, the product will not be credited and will be returned to in the same condition and packaging as it arrived at DEC.

DEC will issue an amount of 20€ per shipment for testing and shipping costs.