True air pressure relief for plane passengers

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True air pressure relief for plane passengers

24 January 2013

Unfortunately flying is not always an enjoyable experience due to inner ear pain caused by pressure changes and the general cabin noise. Electronic noise cancelling headphones are useful, however they can’t be used during take-off and landing and they do not protect you against pressure changes.

Crescendo Fly is a pressure regulating universal fit hearing protector designed specifically for flying, regulating air pressure during take off and landing (it’s not electronic so can be used throughout the flight). The advanced membrane technology also reduces background noise whilst allowing speech and flight announcements to be heard more clearly.

The included small tip also makes Fly suitable for children age 6+. Crescendo Fly tips and filter are fully washable ensuring you have the best protection against cabin noise and air pressure.

The Crescendo Fly is available as of mid August 2013.

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